Marc Cirera


Marc is a business ethics and CSR specialist with a clear vision: a world where companies operate in a more sustainable and responsible way.

He founded Companies for Good because he knows that good business practices help companies perform better. He knows businesses have the potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. And he wants to help make these things happen.

Emily Jeffrey-Barrett

Creative Partner

Emily is an award-winning Creative Strategist based in London. She uses creativity and brand expertise to help businesses grow.

She joined Companies for Good because she believes in Marc’s vision and knows creativity is critical to solving the enormous social and environmental issues we’re facing.

Monique Matthysen

Client Relations Director

Monique is smart, fun, super organised and professional, and passionate about doing good. She is always positive and a real joy to work with.

On top of managing client relationships and logistics, Monique is also an engaging speaker and features in radio and TV shows across the UAE.

Amal Safadi

Team Activities Manager

Amal is our superstar team activities supervisor. Working hand-by-hand with Monique, she ensures that all events are carefully planned and attends the activities to deliver a fun and unforgettable experience for all participants.

Since Amal joined we’re only getting 5* on Google reviews.

We're proud to offer a huge range of impactful team activities

Sustainable Care Products for Female Workers

Making Sustainable Care Products for Female Workers

A Unique Activity to Learn About Sustainability and Create Gifts for Women Workers This sustainability activity kicks off with a fun and insightful ice-breaker: the Green Actions bingo game; and we’ll then briefly talk about the lives of migrant workers to better understand how receiving this care products will benefit them. We will use natural...
Pack school stationary for refugee children

Pack School Stationary for Refugee Children

A Fun and Engaging Indoor Team Activity Designed to Foster Education for Refugee Children Every child has the right to learn. Access to quality education is a basic human right. And yet according to the United Nations (UN), 78 million children around the world “don’t go to school at all because of conflict, climate disasters...
Book corporate social responsibility Planting team activities UAE

Cook your sustainable lunch – then plant native trees

A fantastic outdoor team activity to have fun with your colleagues while doing real good for the UAE environment. Welcome to the Halophytic Kitchen Lab! Halophytes are a type of plants that grow in salty water the perfect crops for the Middle East. In this interactive, sustainable activity we’ll learn all about them then get...
Mental Health companies-for-good-csr-online-team-building

Behind the mask – Raising awareness about mental health

A creative and meaningful activity that contributes to the happiness & wellbeing of our community – and ourselves! Most of us, at some point in our lives, wear a “mask” that covers our feelings and hold us back from sharing our true self. Have you ever thought about what is behind that mask? This team...
Beach cleaning

Beach cleanup activity

Protect marine life and keep UAE’s coastline safe and pristine with this amazing beach cleaning activity. A fantastic way to have fun with your colleagues while doing good Our coastline is under threat. By 2050, there will be as much plastic as fish in our oceans, and some of this plastic trash gets washed onto...
Special Needs CSR Activities with CFG

Upgrade a special needs school

A fun and impactful CSR activity that will make a positive difference in the lives of children of determination. A beautiful, nurturing environment is more conducive to engagement and learning, and that is exactly what you and your team will be providing to children of determination. Gardening, painting walls, fixing things… In this activity you...
Alternative Urban Farmingactivites companies for good UAE Dubai

Alternative urban farming

A unique sustainability activity to encourage your employees to set up their own small farm at home. Food security is a big issue globally. In this fun and innovative activity people will learn about the food cycle and explore modern urban farming solutions that can be easily implemented at home. Participants will start with an...
companies for good CSR team activities tree planting UAE

Mangrove tree planting & kayaking

Outdoor Team Activity in UAE: Protect nature with this fantastic outdoor team activity in UAE (Abu Dhabi and Ajman mangrove forests) – an incredible way to do good for the environment by planting mangrove trees. This is an interactive outdoor adventure for anyone who loves nature. You’ll get the chance to connect with the environment...
special needs children CFG Dubai

Support Special Needs Children

Help special needs children to gain confidence for life Take part in a truly meaningful experience and provide training and care that helps special needs children realize their potential in the community. Many special needs children with dream about getting a job and becoming more independent. In this activity, you’ll help give them the confidence...
Online activity: The Climate Change Challenge Our new virtual activities help employees do good

Online activity: The Climate Change Challenge

Our new virtual activities help employees do good, have fun and bond as a team – whether they’re all in one office, remote working, or located in different countries. The Climate Change Challenge is a live-action digital team game that helps co-workers get to know each other, have fun and collaborate to achieve a common goal....
Empower Children and Book corporate social responsibility team activities UAE

Empower children with determination

Empower differently-abled children through interactive play Help children with determination learn and express themselves through a fun, engaging team activity to remember. When you’re a child with special needs, it can feel like a confident, independent life is impossible. But, through this amazing initiative, you can help enhance children’s social, behavioral & life skills so...
Book corporate Underwater Cleanup team activities UAE

Underwater Cleanup

Ocean cleaning activity to help the environment Help save our oceans with this amazing underwater clean-up activity – clearing the sea of plastic! Every minute, a garbage truck-worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean, killing wildlife and destroying marine habitat. In this incredible underwater clean-up activity, you and your team can get hands on...
Social Entrepreneurship initiatives Dubai

Social entrepreneurship activity

Create the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow Volunteer at a local school to help students develop their entrepreneurial spirit and become our future leaders and social innovators. Take part in a fantastic activity that will help you foster talent and build confidence in young people. Run in partnership with a Silicon Valley-based program, this activity is...
Wadi Adventure and Desert Cleanup

Wadi Adventure and Desert Cleanup

Experience the UAE nature and help protect it with this Wadi team activity and desert clean-up Bond with your team as you hike, learn survival skills, and clean up one of the most beautiful natural parks in the UAE: Wadi Shawka. Wadi Shawka is one of the Emirates’ most incredible natural places and an important...

Ghaf Tree Planting Activity

Plant a Ghaf tree and protect the planet. Now, Take part in this amazing outdoor Ghaf tree planting activity. So you can boost team bonding while helping the environment. Climate change, water scarcity, deforestation make our environment is under threat. With this tree planting activity you can make a real difference to nature while having...
Companies for God to do good Kayaking

Kayaking through the mangroves & cleaning the forest

Do good for nature with this unmissable team activity: kayaking through the mangroves and cleaning as you paddle. This outdoor team building activity is the most fun you can have while doing good. You’ll learn about climate change and protect the environment. But you’ll also have an adventure and bond as a team! After arriving...
Scavenger Hunt Team Activities

Scavenger hunt to support blue collar workers

Show your support for Dubai workers with this fun scavenger hunt In this fun, interactive activity, you'll go on a scavenger hunt with a twist – the items you find are gifts for workers in Dubai’s labour camps. You and your colleagues will learn more about the lives of blue collar workers, then work as...
doing good Seed Planting initiativ Ghaf trees

Ghaf Seed Planting Activity

Seed Planting Activity Take part in Seed Planting a fantastic team building activity and enjoy planting Ghaf tree seeds, in a state of the art nursery at the heart of Dubai. The Ghaf seed planting initiative starts with a short awareness session about the local environment, water scarcity, indigenous plants and trees. Why the Ghaf...
companies for good Ramadan packingCommunity Support Activities Dubai

Ramadan packing activity to support for blue collar workers

Show your support for blue collar workers with this fun and meaningful activity A fantastic way to do good and give back to society during the “holy month” of Ramadan by packing Hygiene items in your office and the distributing them to the workers who build our city. We’ll start the session with a meaningful...
Book corporate social responsibility team activities support children with autismUAE

Take children with autism for a great day out

Support children and their families with an amazing trip to a theme park Provide much-needed support for children with autism and give your employees an unforgettable experience with this fantastic activity. When you’re a child with autism, the world can feel overwhelming. Everyday things – like walking down the street or even watching a movie...
Ramadan Food Distribution Event

Ramadan Food Distribution Event

Capture the spirit of Ramadan by helping blue collar workers celebrate Iftar Iftar meals for blue collar workers Migrant workers who live in the UAE labour facilities work really hard to make a living and support their families back home. Your company can make a positive difference and say 'thank you' to this community by...
How to Help Refugee Children

Make Toys for Refugee Children

A fun and impactful CSR activity to support underprivileged children Around the world, thousands of children are in crisis. At this heart-warming ‘ Toys for Refugee Children ’ event, you and your team will work together to create gifts to bring a smile to their faces. How to Help Refugee Children After a quick lesson...

We are experts in Sustainability & Social impact

Diversity & Inclusion wih CFG UAE Dubai

Diversity & Inclusion programme

Wherever you are on your D&I journey, we can help your organisation bring Diversity & Inclusion to life. We believe in the power of difference. Great businesses, great results, great ideas all require diversity of thinking and experience. And that’s only possible in organisations that take an inclusive approach. To achieve this, you need to...
Sustainable Development GOlas SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals

Learn more about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – and how to make them work for you – at our inspiring, interactive workshop, delivered by leading CSR experts. The Sustainable Development Goals are the business opportunity of the century. Also, they’re a major focus for governments all over the world. They give your organisation...
Companies For Good dubai UAE

Sustainability and CSR strategy

Build a strong strategy to become a sustainability Leader Create an effective sustainability strategy and become a more confident CSR professional; with our empowering strategy workshop delivered by our expert training partners. Sustainability and CSR is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s essential. So  Customers want to buy from businesses that make a positive impact. Also,...

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Join Companies for Good in Shaping COP28 and Leading the Way to Sustainability   Excitement is building in the United Arab Emirates as COP28 - the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties - approaches. At Companies for Good, we are honored to be part of the sustainability initiatives actively contributing to the...
Team activities in Ramadan

RAMADAN 2024: Team activities for the community

Companies for Good offers UAE businesses fantastic ways to do good this Ramadan 2024 Ramadan is expected to fall between Sunday 10 March and 8 April 2024. When you think of Ramadan, you think of giving, kindness, helping people who aren’t as lucky as you… It’s important for all of us – including businesses. So,...
Sustainable environment

Tackling climate change by planting Mangrove trees

Vision 2030: The UAE’s commitment to plant 100 million mangroves The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founding father of the UAE, understood the importance and great value of the mangrove trees, and initiated a massive forestation program. And recently, at the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), HE Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister...
doing good Seed Planting initiativ Ghaf trees

Build your brand while doing good

How the right campaign can help businesses do good while building a powerful brand For decades, businesses have been talking about sustainability. They’ve been speaking on panels, writing reports that show their positive impact, taking to the stage with charities. And while they’ve been talking about that, they’ve been shouting another louder, brighter, more insistent...
Wadi Adventure and Desert Cleanup

Our world is not an ashtray

4 years ago, I set up Companies for Good. I did it because I wanted to make this world a better place. So far, we’ve done 300+ team activities with 200+ businesses. We’ve helped companies support people of determination, donate food, and hygiene packs, and toys to children who have nothing, and protect the environment...

Why capitalism is failing

Capitalism: Capitalism is the best-known system for economic growth. No doubt about it. But when it comes to making us happier, healthier and more sustainable, capitalism isn’t delivering on its promises. Some argue that inequalities have reduced over the past few years. That individuals have never enjoyed such freedom and access to opportunity. That poverty,…

Welcome to the Age of Good

First off, what is CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility CSR gained traction in the 70s and the 80s, during a period were businesses were allowed to do pretty much whatever they wanted to make money. Throwing barrels of chemicals into the ocean, dumping filthy water into the rivers, these things came as standard. Discriminating against women,…

Doing Good makes you Happy – Here’s why.

Research proves a link between doing good and feeling good. The benefits of volunteering and giving back are not just that we help others, we’re actively improving our own wellbeing. Received wisdom tells us that we do good because we care about other people. And that’s true – but it’s not the whole truth. At...

‘But they’re Volunteering Activities … why should I pay?’

‘Volunteering Activities … why should I pay?’ This is a question we get asked a lot by businesses. And it’s fair enough. You want to do good, which is a great thing, and you’re already giving away your time – why should you have to give your money away too? We run volunteering activities with…