Around the world, thousands of children are in crisis. At this heart-warming ‘ Toys for Refugee Children ’ event, you and your team will work together to create gifts to bring a smile to their faces.

How to Help Refugee Children

After a quick lesson in basic sewing techniques, you will use your creativity to make little toys for refugee children in desperate need of some happiness. Throughout the day, you’ll learn more about the refugee crisis and what you can do to help. Then, at the end, you’ll package your toys and send them to the children. It’s a small gift, and they don’t take long to make, but you really are making a big difference to someone’s life.

“I loved just getting educated about how to make toys for refugee kids and getting more aware of it and finding more ways we can help refugees – things that wouldn’t take too much time, the little things – and how big of an impact those can create..”

— Noor Kuhail, Sustainability & Community Engagement Manager at Standard Chartered Bank

Playing with toys sparks imagination and it’s a critical element for children learning, wellbeing and development. And yet for thousands of kids having their own toy is something they can only dream of. Making and giving these toys to refugees children who are living in poor communities is a great way to do good as a team!

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