A Fun and Engaging Indoor Team Activity Designed to Foster Education for Refugee Children

Every child has the right to learn. Access to quality education is a basic human right. And yet according to the United Nations (UN), 78 million children around the world “don’t go to school at all because of conflict, climate disasters and displacement”.

We’ll start the activity with a conversation about the lives of the beneficiaries, we will learn about the existing barriers to learning and discover how education has power to transform the lives of children and their future wellbeing.

In refugee camps, one of the reasons that hinder kids learning and development is the lack of school materials (e.g. notebooks, pens, etc.) and the lack of light to read and study in a safe environment.

In this impactful activity, volunteers will roll up their sleeves and pack school supplies into colorful backpacks: exercise books, a pencil case and a pack of pencils, a notebook, a ruler, an eraser, a sharpener, scissors, stickers, and folders.

We’ll also get creative by decorating the notebook cover using bright fabric, which will make each school pack unique. We’ll add a solar lamp, which helps kids be safer as well as read when it gets dark, and a reusable personalized water bottle, so they can stay hydrated in school, which helps kids stay alert, focused, and perform better.

Get your team involved in this impactful indoor team activity in UAE, where they will get to know more about the lives of refugee children and, they will use their energy and creativity to pack school backpacks for children living in refugee camps or low-income students from other underserved communities.

Pack school stationary for refugee children