Climate change, water scarcity, deforestation make our environment is under threat. With this tree planting activity you can make a real difference to nature while having fun as a team.

You’ll start the day with a welcome refreshment and awareness session, where you’ll learn more about our local environment. After this you’ll head to the field where you’ll plant some beautiful Ghafs – the UAE’s national tree. And we’ll wrap up the morning by doing a team building with a focus on sustainability.

“The best time to plant tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

— Chinese proverb

You can do Ghaf tree planting activity during the week. Or you can take part at weekends and bring your families along. Also, we’ll provide great entertainment for the children while you plant some Ghafs and protect the planet.

Ghaf Tree Planting Events
Ghaf Tree Planting Events