Our new virtual activities help employees do good, have fun and bond as a team – whether they’re all in one office, remote working, or located in different countries.

The Climate Change Challenge is a live-action digital team game that helps co-workers get to know each other, have fun and collaborate to achieve a common goal. It’s also a great way for your team to developed deploy their problem-solving skills, apply creative thinking and enhance their communication skills.

In this game, employees become a super squad on a mission to destroy climate change once and for all. Through a mixture of intellectual, imaginative and interactive challenges, they travel the world to find the key to defeating this global threat. But beware: it won’t be easy and players will have to work together to do it.

The world is under attack from the biggest enemy it has ever encountered – a gang of evil monsters who are threatening to burn down cities, steal our food, take our water and end humanity: The Climate Change Gang. These angry, powerful beasts are harming countries and communities all over the world, and there is only one way to stop them….”

The Climate Change Challenge is a virtual game that you can do with your whole team – from 10-100 people, from home or the office. It’s exciting and educational.  Entertaining and enriching. Competitive and collaborative.

With our seamless technology  everyone can safely participate from home or the office. Employees only need to log in and enjoy the experience.