A Unique Activity to Learn About Sustainability and Create Gifts for Women Workers

This sustainability activity kicks off with a fun and insightful ice-breaker: the Green Actions bingo game; and we’ll then briefly talk about the lives of migrant workers to better understand how receiving this care products will benefit them.

We will use natural and organic ingredients to create hand-made care items like lip balm, toothpaste, deodorant, pillow mist, scrubs, and soap. Participants love learning how to make these products and adding their personal touch by choosing scented oils and fragrances.

The final products are then sealed in small containers, labeled, and placed inside a paper bag. We will also add a colorful flower and a card with a nice message for the ladies receiving the gifts.


Many immigrant women in the UAE – and across the world – face financial and social difficulties, and often prioritize their family needs over their own. Blue-collar workers usually send back home a large portion of their wages, and only keep what they need to cover ‘the basics’.

Preparing and gifting this wellbeing kit to migrant workers becomes a token of appreciation. It’s a super nice way to show we care for them – the same way they care for others.

We work with a local not-for-profit organization, licensed by the CDA (Community Development Authority) to assess the needs of this community and allocate the items to those who need it the most.

If you want to go the extra mile, we can also organize for a group of employees to join us in the distribution of the care packs to the workers at the labor accommodation.

While skipping a daily water bottle may seem simple, encouraging an eco-friendly lifestyle within your company can be challenging. That’s where our activity comes in, helping you achieve that goal.

sustainability activity uae


This fantastic team-building initiative promotes zero waste & green practices. Making DIY care products has many benefits for the environment: it prevents waste going to landfills (or the ocean!) and it helps reduce pollution and natural resources usage.

A great CSR activity to give back to the community while promoting sustainable living!