Capture the spirit of Ramadan by helping blue collar workers celebrate Iftar

Iftar meals for blue collar workers

Migrant workers who live in the UAE labour facilities work really hard to make a living and support their families back home. Your company can make a positive difference and say ‘thank you’ to this community by distributing Iftar meals or food parcels during Ramadan.

Chicken biryani, raita, dates, a fruit and juice

Masoor /toor dal (1Kg),sugar, semolina (500gms), chickpeas (1Kg), cooking oil (750ml), wheat flour (1Kg), rice (1Kg)

How does Ramadan Food Distribution Event works?

We make it as easy as possible to do good. We take care of all the admin work: getting the required permits, purchasing and delivering the items, coordinating with a local charity (properly licensed by the CDA) to allocate the camp and prepare all the logistics… so you and your team only need to join the distribution and help create joy.

“Spreading the spirit of giving is a part of celebrating Ramadan. Food Distribution we hope to see philanthropic initiatives and actions by every person in the UAE.”

— HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


A fantastic way to do good during Ramadan by sponsoring and taking part in the distribution of Iftar meals or Food parcels – your choice!


Join us in doing good for the community during Ramadan!

Ramadan Food Distribution Event
Ramadan Food Distribution Event
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