Turning Waste into Art

Waste has a very negative effect on our planet and the wildlife that lives on it. This is why topics like circular economy and waste reduction on top of the COP28 agenda and a priority for any business leading the sustainability movement.

This team activity for UAE-based companies and their employees is designed to raise awareness and promote more sustainable habits.

The issue of waste:

The global waste problem is staggering, with enough trash discarded worldwide to fill landfills to the moon and back multiple times. This heartbreaking fact fuels our motivation for change, starting right here in the UAE. With a population of 9.3 million in the UAE, imagine the impact if each person chose not to buy a plastic bottle today – we’d save the environment from 9.3 million bottles today, 18.6 million tomorrow, and a staggering 3.3 billion bottles in just one year.

While skipping a daily water bottle may seem simple, encouraging an eco-friendly lifestyle within your company can be challenging. That’s where our activity comes in, helping you achieve that goal.

So, how does the activity work?

We’ll begin with an engaging and educational sustainability quiz. Divided into smaller groups, participants compete to discover the alarming truths about waste and its impact on our beautiful planet. Together, we explore simple behavior changes that can lead to significant results.

Prior to the activity day, employees and their families will have been asked to put aside the waste generated at home during the week before the event – to bring it to the activity. We’ll provide guidance and formulate the required communications.

After the quiz, participants will be divided into teams and they will transform the clean & safe plastic, aluminum, and paper waste into useful elements by cutting, gluing, and painting them.

The outcome: an amazing piece of art made of waste that you can display in your office. In the following slides, we propose various design ideas.

Art from Waste: Raising awareness

The initiative has already started, and companies have joined with remarkable success stories. With the Citibank team, we adorned their offices with three captivating camel sculptures, serving as a constant reminder of our shared responsibility to protect biodiversity. Standard Chartered engaged 150 people to create two beautiful murals that now decorate their offices, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to sustainability.

At Companies for Good, our mission goes beyond just doing good; we empower companies to have a positive impact both inside and outside. Join us in the effort to turn waste into art and take your first step toward a more sustainable future.

Are you ready to transform waste into art and inspire change? Get in touch today to book this activity, promote a more sustainable culture, and decorate your office with stunning artwork! Together, one artwork at a time, we’ll make a significant difference in the world.