Amazing sustainability activity with the Grand Hyatt team 😊 Today we’re using natural and organic ingredients to create hand-made care products: soap, lip balm, toothpaste, deodorant, scrubs… All these products will then be given to women working in the UAE and living in labor accommodations. A fun and interactive activity designed to learn about sustainability and make a positive impact on the community

Our teams worked together mixing, pouring, molding, and crafting useful care items from scratch. Getting creative with ingredients like oils, herbs, beeswax, and plant butter was an exciting challenge!

The end products were beautifully hand-packaged thanks to the artistic flair of the Grand Hyatt team members. We imagined the surprise and delight of workers receiving these thoughtfully homemade gifts.

Sustainability is often seen as a lofty global issue, but days like this reinforce that small actions lead to real change. Working hand-in-hand with another caring brand multiplies our positive influence.

If your company wants to team up for similar hands-on community initiatives, Companies for Good would love to collaborate! Let’s continue building a conscious, compassionate UAE. 🙌