Wind, heat, rain, storms… nothing stops us from doing good for the planet 🌍 Today we’re joining forces with the Airbus team to clean up the desert in Dubai. An amazing initiative we run in collaboration with Dubai Municipality (#anhourwiththecleaner) 🙌🏻

Despite the desert looking pretty empty, thousands of animals live on this fragile ecosystem. Sadly many of them get sick or die from ingesting trash left on the sand 😫

That’s why our team braved the elements to remove this dangerous debris. We combed across the dunes, filling bag after bag with plastic bottles, food containers, and other waste.

The Airbus team was just as dedicated, working relentlessly under the sweltering sun. Their passion for protecting nature was truly inspiring.

At Companies for Good we’re on a mission to safeguard the UAE’s precious environments. We know it takes all of us working together to drive change.

Join the movement! Let’s keep building cleaner, greener communities. No matter the weather, our teams are ready to take on the desert. 💪