Take part in a truly meaningful experience and provide training and care that helps special needs children realize their potential in the community.

Many special needs children with dream about getting a job and becoming more independent. In this activity, you’ll help give them the confidence to do just that.

The day takes place at a center that helps around 260 special needs children . First, You’ll view a short video presentation about the center and take part in a tour around the premises. Before enter the classes and start interacting with the students. Also, there is a wide variety of activities to involve with, from sports to academics, daily living skills to the library, depending on the students’ timetable.

“What these children have achieved in different fields over the course of previous years is proof that determination and willpower will help you achieve things you may have once thought impossible.”

— H.H. Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

You will also have the opportunity to take part in other activities. One of those activities is  painting classrooms. Also, your team can start packaging handcrafted items made by the students.  Or even you can take the children for an educational outing.

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