Take part in a fantastic activity that will help you foster talent and build confidence in young people. Run in partnership with a Silicon Valley-based program, this activity is all about going beyond academia to build real world, practical business skills – a perfect way for your company to do real good and create young entrepreneurs.

“The whole team thoroughly enjoyed working with the children in Social Entrepreneurship activity at Dubai . The energy was really positive.”

— Omar Saeed, COO MENA – UBS Group

You’ll start the Social Entrepreneurship day by heading over to a local school where team will do the activity. Then, you’ll work with the students on a challenge that will test their thinking, planning and presenting skills. So that will help them become social entrepreneurs.  After this,  sessions will start with our expert partners and volunteers. However, they will work as mentors supporting the students as they come up with social business ideas.

It’s a really fun day but it also has huge, long-term value – for the students, society and your employees, who will leave inspired and motivated to succeed in their own work.

Social Entrepreneurship initiatives Dubai
Social Entrepreneurship initiatives Dubai