Turn your employees energy into positive impact

Looking for a way to do good AND keep your people healthy? We’ve got you.

Work out for good is a great way to join forces with your colleagues to make a positive social impact.

You and your team simply download and sign up to our App, which helps track employees’ exercise – then get active during the agreed period (we recommend between 2 weeks and 1 month, yet we’re flexible). Through the App, we’ll convert your employees’ physical exercise into positive impact. How?

“For every minute your team exercises, you’ll donate to a social project.”

You will set a goal for your business – then all work towards it as a team. E.g. “for every 1,000 minutes’ collective exercise, we’ll donate 1,000 Covid-19 packs to vulnerable communities”.

Once you’ve reached that goal, we’ll activate your charitable contribution. You can support any cause you like – whatever aligns with your company’s goals – or choose one from our suggestions depending on your preference and budget.

By converting your team’s physical activity into social impact, you’ll keep your people healthier while making a difference with every step.

An innovative way to improve employees’ wellbeing

Work out for good motivates people to do more exercise, which
makes them healthier and increases positivity and wellbeing.

It’s a great way to boost morale – bringing your team together,
united for a cause.

Research shows that people that work for companies that give back
to the community are more loyal and feel prouder of their employer.

Your team’s workouts are converted into donations for social projects.
Example: “for every 1,000 Km collective exercised by your team,
we’ll donate 1,000 soap bars to vulnerable communities”.

Knowing we’re doing good makes us feel good, too.

Book corporate social responsibility team activities UAE
Book corporate social responsibility team activities UAE