Do good for nature with this unmissable team activity: kayaking through the mangroves and cleaning as you paddle.

This outdoor team building activity is the most fun you can have while doing good. You’ll learn about climate change and protect the environment. But you’ll also have an adventure and bond as a team!

After arriving at the beautiful Eastern Mangroves National Park, you’ll have a short briefing on the importance of mangrove trees to our ecosystem – and the damage being done by plastic waste. Then you’ll jump into kayaks and get paddling!

You’ll go on a breath-taking tour of the National Park, exploring the mangroves, immersing yourself in nature, and collecting any plastic trash you see along the way. It’s an amazing way to do good, and it’s an even better way to boost morale as a team.

“Mangroves are the only evergreen forest in the Gulf and their unique ability to survive in this habitat makes them what we know as an “ecosystem engineer”, providing shelter and foraging to many marine and terrestrial species.”

— Dr Guillermo Friis

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