Seed Planting Activity

Take part in Seed Planting a fantastic team building activity and enjoy planting Ghaf tree seeds, in a state of the art nursery at the heart of Dubai.

The Ghaf seed planting initiative starts with a short awareness session about the local environment, water scarcity, indigenous plants and trees. Why the Ghaf tree? Because it’s representative of the harsh desert environment and the UAE’s national tree.

After a short introduction to discover all about the fascinating features of the Ghaf tree. you and the team will go on a tour across the fields to harvest the seeds from the Ghaf trees. You’ll then prepare the seeds, the soil and then plant them in the pots.

We will then go out to nature again to plant older Ghaf trees on the ground. An amazing team activity to have fun while doing good for the planet!

 “We take care of the seeds for about 2 years; until they are strong enough for the outside world. Then, We give the trees to the community to plant them in parks, schools or urban areas.”

— Environmental partner

Seed Planting initiativ Ghaf trees
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