Provide much-needed support for children with autism and give your employees an unforgettable experience with this fantastic activity.

When you’re a child with autism, the world can feel overwhelming. Everyday things – like walking down the street or even watching a movie – can feel impossible. It can be hard to live a normal life – for them or their families.

In this inspiring activity, you’ll work with one of the UAE’s leading autism centers to help improve life for children. How? By taking them on a fun, unforgettable trip to the zoo, bowling alley, theme park or waterpark.

After a tour of the center, learning about the amazing work that happens there and meeting the children, you’ll head out. There are loads of amazing options – Ferrari World, Warner Brothers’ Studio, Yas Waterpark, the Zoo, the Dolphinarium – wherever you go, you’ll play and interact with the children, helping them build valuable social skills, confidence, and integrate into the world. Then you’ll finish the activity with a team lunch with the children.

This team activity has many benefits for the volunteers too, as understanding autism leads to higher tolerance and engaging with these children improves communication skills too.

“It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village.”

— Elaine Hall – Coach

It’s a truly inspiring way to do good, support the center and help children and their families. Book now.

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