A creative and meaningful Mental Health activity contributes to raise happiness & well-being of our community and ourselves!

Most of us, at some point in our lives, wear a “mask” that covers our feelings; and hold us back from sharing our true self. Have you ever thought about what is behind that mask? CFG Mental Health team activity helps raise awareness of people’s well-being.

First, We’ll start discussing some myths & facts about our mentality health. Then, participants will paint a mask: one side will represent what we portray externally, the other what we feel internally. Also, we’ll discuss our choice of styles, shapes and colours. All masks will be displayed online in an VR Exhibition.

“Every person in this world has his or her own struggles to face. However, we can always help each other to recover and make a better society.”

— Shamma Alkhaja, Pioneer of mental health awareness in the Arab Region

Companies for Good helps with this creative and meaningful activity. It contributes to the happiness & well-being of our community – and ourselves!

Mental Health companies-for-good-csr-online-team-building
Mental Health activity with CFG