Protect marine life and keep UAE’s coastline safe and pristine with this amazing beach cleaning activity.

A fantastic way to have fun with your colleagues while doing good

Our coastline is under threat. By 2050, there will be as much plastic as fish in our oceans, and some of this plastic trash gets washed onto beaches. This beach clean-up activity is your opportunity to take care of some of Dubai’s most precious natural areas – while boosting morale and learning more about the environment.

Get outside and enjoy beach cleaning in Dubai – a great team building activity

You’ll start the day at a beautiful UAE beach. After a traditional breakfast and welcome speech, you’ll grab gloves and rubbish bags, roll-up your sleeves and clear this incredible area of any waste the ocean has brought onto the sand. Our beach clean-up activity is a great way to have fun with your colleagues, boost team spirit and do something truly good for the planet.

After beach cleaning, you’ll take part in an inspiring talk session and quiz with a marine biologist. It’s a really fun, educational spin on team building. And whether you want to do a morning or a whole weekend – and get your family involved – we can help organize a beach clean-up day anytime.

“Half the world’s marine species have been wiped out in one generation. Can we really afford to lose the other half?”

— World Wildlife Fund

18th September 2021 is International World Cleanup Day!

World Cleanup Day is the world’s largest volunteer event designed to protect our coastal areas and sea life from ocean waste like plastic. The 30-year-old initiative is a great way to improve employee engagement. You could be part of millions of beach cleaning volunteers, all coming together, across the world, at the same time, to do good for the environment.

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