Ethics can be difficult. Discover where you’re going wrong, where you need to go and how you can get there at this high-impact culture workshop.

Doing the right thing is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s essential. But what if your leaders interpret the ‘right thing’ in the wrong way? What if ‘ethics’ means different things to different people in different regions? This workshop, delivered by our expert culture partners, will help you solve your ethics problems and learn how to engage everyone with ‘the right thing’.

Suitable for senior leaders, this practical workshop is your first step to putting ethics into action. Using everyday business dilemmas and an ethical risk-assessment, you’ll identify what you’re doing well – and high-risk areas that need to change – then make a practical plan to get on the right track.

You’ll leave the workshop with:

  • Some quick practical actions
  • An understanding of long-term issues and recommendations for the future
  • Content for use in your annual report
  • The knowledge you need to navigate grey and protect your company’s reputation
  • Advice for how to engage your employees with ethics and create a sense of belonging around ‘doing the right thing’

“You’ve given us a clear reference for what we believe in. We can hold it up each time and sense-check: ‘Are we doing the right thing?”

— Birgitte Skade, Marketing Director, Berendsen

This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s top culture consultants. Book while spaces are available.

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