Companies For Good can help you bring your people together through a shared set of values

Having a bold vision and relevant values is very important – for your people, for your customers, for your investors, and for your business.Companies For Good will help you to create your values

We will help you define a clear and compelling statement of values that will engage your people. Also, it will make your culture stronger and turn your values into value.

Based on your scope and ambition, Companies For Good can run a stand-alone values workshop, or go much deeper and help you create a values statement that connects with your people and your strategy. Along with an engagement programme to ensure the values are a shared responsibility in everyday business.

Ensuring values create value

We will bring our deep expertise in corporate culture, workshop facilitation, and the nuances of finetuning values statements. The outcome is way more than a list of ideal words. You’ll get:

  • A statement of ‘What we value at XYZ’, based on capturing voices around the business
  • Deeper context for ‘Why this matters’, ‘How we work’ and ‘What we expect of everyone’
  • Principles that are active in people’s minds, hearts, daily behaviour and business practice
  • Higher engagement by involving people in developing the values and culture principles. Shared involvement leads to shared responsibility.

The facilitator was exceptional at creating a comfortable atmosphere, where everyone felt they could participate – she basically took us on an intense journey of discovery, yet it never felt hard or pressured.

— Julie Weigaard Kjær, CEO, Ruby Cup

We know best practice – and how to avoid the pitfalls. We love getting people involved, facilitating candid discussion, and stimulating practical change that makes a real difference.

Values are so much more than words – used properly, they’re powerful business tools.
Then, We can help you unlock the value of your values.
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